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If you’re looking for a plumber in Pensacola, FL you’re in luck! S.E. Tradesmen Plumbing & Gas was founded in 2022 by two master plumbers who saw a huge need for quality, responsive plumbing services in Pensacola, FL. We kept hearing horror stories from friends and family about companies not returning their calls, showing up to the job to drop off material just to disappear for the rest of the day, or untrained “technicians” who were more interested in a sale than a repair. 

I started my career at one of the larger plumbing companies in Pensacola. Some of the plumbers who worked there would sit in driveways watching YouTube videos on how to install a toilet! I’m not kidding. But, they were great salesmen so the company kept them around.

I quickly realized that wasn’t the company for me and found one where the work culture matched my love for plumbing.

I graduated from Pensacola State College’s plumbing course and was accepted into the United Association’s apprenticeship program. Being an apprentice takes five years of working on the job, under journeymen plumbers, before you can call yourself a plumber.

After hearing what friends and family had to say, and from my personal experience, my partner and I realized Pensacola deserved better. We decided to build a plumbing company that the best plumbers in our area would want to call home. We provide great pay, insurance, and a retirement pension plan. We seek out only experienced, certified, or licensed plumbers who match our passion for quality workmanship and love for the trades. 

This is what makes us different. We’re Tradesmen, not salesmen. When you call us, you’re getting a professional who knows their job and loves fixing problems!

Brandon Flowers

Master Plumber


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Plumbing that works

If you’ve called a service plumbing company in the last five years, you probably know that the experience is more like inviting a salesman into your home than a professional plumber. Most plumbing companies today have moved to commission based models that help offset the cost of payroll and increase revenue. If your water heater isn’t working properly it might just need a repair but selling a new water heater means a higher commission.

It’s a very lucrative model that works well for the plumbing company. So, how does S.E. Tradesmen Plumbing & Gas stay competitive?

Master Plumbers

We have three master plumbers with over 70 years of experience working hard to earn Pensacola’s trust and reputation for having the best plumbers. Our plumbers can diagnose, install, and or repair with fewer call-backs and in less time.

Veteran Work Culture

As veterans, we bring the same dedication, discipline, and precision to plumbing that we did in our service to our country. Our core values of integrity, teamwork, and commitment drive every aspect of our business. When you choose us, you’re choosing plumbers who understand the meaning of hard work, responsibility, and accountability.

Responsive Plumbing

Plumbing problems can be a hassle and don’t always happen at convenient times. That’s why we offer 24/7 plumbing services to Pensacola and the surrounding areas. When you call us, you can expect a rapid response from a licensed plumber. We arrive promptly, equipped with the right tools and expertise to diagnose and resolve your plumbing issues efficiently and professionally.

Full-Spectrum Plumbing Company

Most plumbing companies specialize in either service, commercial, or residential. We’re masters of our trade and can get work from all aspects of plumbing. Whether it’s a new build or a repair, our plumbers can flex from job to job allowing us to stay busy and productive. Our plumbing services include:

  • Residential Plumber: Whether building a new house or a bathroom remodel, good plumbing will save you thousands of dollars in the future.
  • Commercial Plumber: Keep your business running smoothly with our expert commercial plumbing services, tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Service Plumber: We specialize in service repairs, ensuring that your plumbing system remains reliable, efficient, and well-maintained.
  • Gas installation and repair: our master plumbers have the experience and know-how to install or repair any commercial or residential gas system.

All Plumber Staff

From the receptionist to the owners of the company, everyone at S.E. Tradesmen works in the field. We cut overhead costs by wearing multiple hats and turning indirect expenses into opportunities.

Residential, Commercial, and service Plumbing

Plumbing Services

Service Plumbing

Whether you have a clogged drain, leaking toilet, or an emergency in the middle of the night, S.E. Tradesmen Plumbing & Gas will be there.

See all of our 24/7 services.


Commercial Plumbing

From medical gas to HDPE and steel pipe, there's no commercial job that S.E. Tradesmen can't complete.

Bids for commercial plumbing

Email your commercial prints today and we'll return our bid for your project within the week.

Residential Plumbing

Building a new house or subdivision? S.E. Tradesmen has the experience and manpower to make quick work of any residential project.

Quotes for residential builds

We'll get you a quote within the week.

A 24/7 Plumbing Company!

Emergency Plumber

Nobody wants a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, that does happen along with a multitude of other plumbing emergencies. If your home or business ever encounters a plumbing emergency we’ll be there. 

Please be aware that after-hours and weekends are a premium service and we do charge time and a half for these calls. If at all possible, we’ll try to walk you through methods to postpone the emergency until regular hours. Sometimes just shutting off a valve is all you need to do to prevent damages or waste until a proper plumbing repair can be made.

Our Abilities

  1. Plumber on call: We have a plumber on rotation for emergency calls when needed.
  2. Experienced Plumbers: Our plumbers are seasoned professionals who can take care of most emergency plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. 
  3. Answering Service: We have an after-hours answering service that will answer your questions and forward emergencies to our plumber on call when required.
  4. Preventive Maintenance: If you know cold weather is coming or you’re going on vacation and would like to prepare your plumbing for these events we can answer your questions or provide a home inspection.

When plumbing emergencies happen, the important thing is not to panic and call a professional!

licensed plumber, Certified veteran owned!

Veteran Owned

We’re the only plumbing company in Pensacola that has been certified as a veteran-owned business by the SBA. Both owners are Army veterans who served in the combat arms and were deployed overseas. That same integrity, teamwork, and dedication to complete the mission lives on at S.E. Tradesmen Plumbing & Gas.

For all the men and women who served or are serving, we offer a 10% discount on all labor.

When you choose us for your plumbing needs, you can trust that you are getting the best service from a company that knows a thing or two about service.

Union Plumbing COmpany

Local 234

S.E. Tradesmen Plumbing & Gas is a United Association member. Our local is 234 out of Jacksonville, Florida, who have been serving Northwest Florida for over 121 years!

As a contractor, it’s not an easy decision to join a union. In the end, we made the choice to become a union plumbing company for these reasons:

  • Retirement for our people: The union offers a pension plan. Unlike a 401K, a pension will continue to pay our plumbers long after they retire.
  • Great healthcare: It’s almost impossible for a small company to find great insurance for their people. This trade is not easy on the body and quality healthcare is a must.
  • Training: The union offers every training program a plumber could want. From medical gas to your Journeymen License, the union will provide training and support to see your career advance.

We’re one of the top-paying plumbing companies in Northwest Florida. We also pay for all of our employee’s insurance and retirement. Yes, our plumbers pay nothing for their insurance or pension plan. 

To a customer, this might sound like S.E. Tradesmen would be priced out of most people’s budget. You’d be surprised. Our numbers are right in the middle range. Most of our flat rates are less than at least a dozen other plumbing companies. This is because we keep our overhead low, we don’t offer commission, and we hire quality plumbers who can complete a job faster, with less waste, and with fewer callbacks. 

the Best Plumbers in Pensacola!

Great plumbers, great reviews

We’re a five-star plumbing company because our plumbers know what they’re doing, love their job, and treat our customers like family. We take good care of our people, providing top pay and benefits, along with a four day workweek! We don’t burn our plumbers out, or treat them like a tool to be used until blunted. No, we treat them as the professionals that they are. In return, they’re in better spirit, passionate about their work, and friendlier to people like yourself who may be experiencing a very upsetting plumbing emergency.

It’s a crazy idea, I know. Treat your people good, and they’ll treat your customers good!

Read what our Pensacola residents had to say about our plumbers!


Office hours:

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Emergency services are available 24/7